Saturday, May 19, 2018

J.G. MUNCHKIN for the Odyssey2

J.G. MUNCHKIN is a remake / hack of the game ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD.
It utlilizes THE VOICE hardware module for speech synthesis, but it is not required.

4-page color manual and game cartridge

Here is a YouTube video I found of a guy named Patryk who shows a nice demonstration of J.G. MUNCHKIN

It is 2 minutes and 50 seconds


PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.

If you live in the USA:
Price: $25 (and $6 shipping)

click Buy Now to purchase

If you live anywhere else in the world:
Price: $25 (and $13 shipping)
click Buy Now to purchase

J.G. MUNCHKIN is shipped via U.S. Mail.
Check or money order is also accepted.
Please send an email for more details.

E-mail your questions, comments, concerns etc.

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