Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The aliens from the planet UP have arrived! But nobody on Earth is panicking. Why? 

The Upmonsters, as they’re called, have landed right in the middle of the Sahara Desert. 

All 20 of them went to explore, but after finding absolutely nothing for miles on end, they decided to go home. 

The UFO isn’t working very well in the desert heat, so the aliens need to jump on the clouds to get to the hovering UFO. 

Can you help the aliens get home?

Your Upmonster can jump from cloud to cloud. Watch out for that pesky yellow bird!

UPMONSTERS game cartridge for Intellivision and instruction manual

Please note:  
It is a homebrew game. A loose game cartridge and instruction manual only.
It is being sold at the $25 price point.

Here is a video of UPMONSTERS gameplay:


If you live in the USA:

Price: $25    Shipping: $3 

please click BUY NOW: 

If you live in CANADA:

Price: $25    Shipping: $10 

please click BUY NOW: 

If you live in MEXICO:

Price: $25    Shipping: $12 

please click BUY NOW: 

If you live anywhere else in the world / international: 

Price: $25    Shipping: $15 

please click BUY NOW: 

Steve Jones of Canada designed a box and overlay for the game but it is no longer available for purchase. BOX AND OVERLAY ARE SOLD OUT

Here is a preview of what the box looks like:

( loose game cartridge and instruction manual ) is shipped via U.S. Mail.

UPMONSTERS for the INTELLIVISION was programmed by Chris Read.
It was programmed in IntyBASIC.

It won second place for the 2018 IntyBASIC Programming Contest.
Congratulations and "hats off" to Chris! 

I would like to wish Chris ( AKA "atari2600land" ) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Chris' birthday is NOVEMBER 2!

Hope you get a perfect score of 240 in UPMONSTERS on your special day!

That would be COOL!

Hey!  Send me your screen shots of your high scores and I will post them here!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

UFO for the Atari 2600

Protect earth from a sinister invasion of
mysterious unidentified flying objects!

You are now in command of one of Earth Federation's robot-controlled battle cruisers.
It is displayed at the center of your screen.

Your ship is armed with a laser cannon and protected by an energized force field.

UFO, a game for the Atari 2600 Video Computer system,
has been programmed by John Reder. 
John also programmed STRIP OFF and SHIELD SHIFTER.

Tim Duarte is handling the production of cartridges, manuals, labels, and order fulfillment.

The cartridges of UFO are compatible with NTSC systems.
Each game cartridge will include a printed 4-page color manual.


UFO is shipped via U.S. Mail.

Price: $25 
Shipping: $4 

please click BUY NOW: 

Outside the USA / International: 

For more information, send an email

Monday, October 1, 2018

AMOK! for the Odyssey2

AMOK! was the very first homebrew videogame created for the Odyssey2.

An arrangement was made with programmer John Dondzila and he has graciously allowed us to release this special version of the game!

First, a little bit more about AMOK! It pays homage to BERZERK.

The object is to get to the end of the maze while destroying the robots. The robots will pursue you and shoot back. After a short time, the indestructible evil Smileybot will appear and stop at nothing to get you. He can go through walls and your shots will have no effect on him. You can only try to outrun him and get to an exit.

AMOK! with Rack Test allows you to pick the level you want to play at!

To enable the RACK TEST feature of AMOK! :

Move the switch on the top of the cartridge to the
opposite position when you see the STATUS SCREEN:

S  000000    ( your Score )
L   01            ( is the current Level )
R  03            (is your Remaining lives )

The game will cycle through the levels.

Move the switch to the opposite position when you see
the level you want to play ( example:  L 05  )

Press the ACTION button and game play will begin
at the selected RACK TEST LEVEL.

Press RESET on the keyboard to get back to the title screen.

Destroy the robots before they destroy you!

color manual and game cartridge


Programmer / Designer : John Dondzila

Logistics / Game Tester / Manual : Tim Duarte

Cartridge Production / Game Tester / label : Scott Stilphen

Here's Scott's video of showing the game being advanced through all 100 levels!


If you live in the USA:

please click Buy Now to purchase game cartridge and manual only:
Price: $25 (and $4 shipping)

If you live anywhere else in the world (INTERNATIONAL):

please click Buy Now to purchase game cartridge and manual only:
Price: $25 (and $15 shipping)

AMOK! is shipped via U.S. Mail.
PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.
Check or money order is also accepted.
Please send an email for more details.

E-mail your questions, comments, concerns etc.