Tuesday, October 24, 2017

KC's ESCAPE for the Odyssey2!

So I am happy to announce that I was on part of the team that Michael Thomasson of GOOD DEAL GAMES


assembled to release and sell KC's ESCAPE for the Odyssey2!

The game was sold at the Portland Retro Gaming Exposition this past weekend.

This time I worked on making and assembling the cartridges. I am proud to be part of the team that Michael put together.

So how did it go?  According to Michael, who is recovering from his return of a jam-packed weekend...

"We sold them [ all thirty ] that we brought. It was a great success. Not a single kid under the age of ten didn’t stop and play it. Ed Averett was very pleased with everything."

30 games were sold at the show. $65 each.

So 20 remain and will be on sale online at the Good Deal Games web site by the end of the month.

I am working with Michael and we will likely make 50 more cartridges in November or December available for a total run of 100 cartridges of this game.

If you would like one of the 20 games: The price will be $65 and shipping. If you want an autographed game by Ed Averitt, the price is $80 plus shipping. ( Please note Ed Averitt did not program the game by the way ) The game was programmed by Martjin Wenting.

The game sort of plays a little bit like JAWBREAKER.

More info to come soon!