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WILDLIFE! for the Odyssey2

Somewhere in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, Josué Jorge is lost and nearly at his wit's end,but the thought of finding the Holy Grail keeps him going. 
His quest will not be easy, for many dangers await him -
Wild natives, killer crabs, abandoned bonfires... 
and the deadliest of them all - 
"The Aquarium"  - a secret underwater series of passage ways.

Hold your breath and swim fast, but do not touch the walls of the underwater passage ways. You can do this! But beware... lethal clown fish protecting something shining there in the depths below. Could it be the Holy Grail? 

Stay focused! There is time, but you must be quick and you must be careful.
Good luck on your quest for the Holy Grail, Josué Jorge! You'll need it!

2600 Connection is proud to offer Wildlife!, the latest Odyssey2/Videopac game from Rafael Cardoso. Wildlife! features a "jungle adventure" style of gameplay that has never been available in the library of Odyssey2 / Videopac videogames.  The inspiration for Wildlife! comes from the famous Atari VCS/2600 games Pitfall! (by Activision) and Adventure (by Atari).  First, you'll need to obtain a key from a wild native.  Next, you'll have to swim through an underwater maze to find the Holy Grail that's locked away in a chest.  But there's more than 1 chest...

Wildlife! is an 8K game cartridge for the Odyssey2 / Videopac systems, designed and programmed by Rafael Cardoso.  Rafael is previously known for the following Odyssey2 games:  Sea Rescue, Hot Love, Piggyback Planet, and High Water Patrol.  Scott Stilphen handled the production of cartridges and Tim Duarte handled production of the manuals and boxes. Artwork for the manual and box was created by Rafael Cardoso & Alessandro Marcelo Verdério.  A limited run of 100 boxed copies of Wildlife! were made available in the Odyssey2-style. These quickly sold out. In December of 2014, An agreement was made with Marc Verraes ( so that another version of Wildlife! could be available for sale for those folks in Europe who happen to own a Videopac system that can display "plus" graphics. A limited run of 50 game cartridges were made and it is called Wildlife+. In exchange, Marc allowed 2600 Connection to sell and distribute an "unlimited edition" of Fatso!, the first game for the Odyssey2 that was programmed by our friend Chris Read.

We are now happy to release the "unlimited edition" of Wildlife!. It does not have a serial number and no box is included - it is just the game cartridge and the color manual. Wildlife!  "unlimited edition" also has another difference: the Green aquarium has replaced the white and light blue aquarium. See below.

Your adventure starts here!

A whole world awaits just below the surface...

... for those who know how to swim!
    ( the original release of 100 serial-numbered cartridges featured this aquarium )

The new, unique "green" aquarium maze in WILDLIFE! (unlimited release)

The key is "the key" to greater challenge in Wildlife!

game cartridge & color manual

Here is a complete longplay video of the game. 

WARNING!  Don't watch this if you don't want to know the solution!


If you live in the USA:
Price: $25 (and $6 shipping)
click Buy Now to purchase

If you live anywhere else in the world:
Price: $25 (and $15 shipping)
click Buy Now to purchase

WILDLIFE! (unlimited release) is shipped via U.S. Mail.

 E-mail your questions, comments, concerns etc.

WILDLIFE! OWNER LIST - updated Monday, May 18, 2015

 1. Darrin9999 - SHIPPED
2. Rafael 
 3. Timdu
 5. Chris -
 6. Al Backiel -
 7. Mark Bodiella -
 8. Ozyr -
 9. Earl Green
 10. Michael Tausendpfund -
 11. Geoff Cox -
 12. Bruce Clarke -
 13. Marc Verraes
 14. Thomas Kellner
 15. Gerald Diermaier
 16. Gerd Suppan
 17. Scott Dueker
 18. Thomas Becker
Joe Hillyer - SHIPPED
 20. Dieter / ccc - SHIPPED
Dietmar Strickert - SHIPPED
Jack Kerrigan - SHIPPED
Kevin McFarland - SHIPPED
Charles Bremer - SHIPPED
Alex Lehmann - SHIPPED
Fabio Giampietro - SHIPPED
 27. Tenorman - SHIPPED
Michael Casso - SHIPPED
Ronald Slaminko - SHIPPED
Mark Canon - SHIPPED
Scott Cobb - SHIPPED
Andrew Lesko - SHIPPED
Matthew Tajc - SHIPPED
Don Smith - SHIPPED
Victor Vicente - SHIPPED
Jeremy Stockman - SHIPPED
Jonathan Clark - SHIPPED
Jeffrey O'Connell - SHIPPED
Jeffrey Rothkopf - SHIPPED
Klaus Diry - SHIPPED
Mark Tryon - SHIPPED
David Harshbarger - SHIPPED
Scott Drake - SHIPPED
James Randall - SHIPPED
Mario Faiad - SHIPPED
Uranus Greek - SHIPPED
 47. William Cassidy - SHIPPED
 48. Alex Lehmann - SHIPPED
Heiko Bartau - SHIPPED
Russ Perry Jr. - SHIPPED
 51. Ian Baronofsky - SHIPPED
Michael McWhorter - SHIPPED
Karl Illetschko - SHIPPED
Christophe Davaine - SHIPPED
Guido Lenz - SHIPPED
Luke Sandel - SHIPPED
Clark Otto - SHIPPED
Mark Wolongevicz - SHIPPED
 59. Scott Vanderpool
 60. John Hancock - SHIPPED
Donald Jernigan - SHIPPED
Martijn Wenting - SHIPPED
Alejandro Sanchez Cubel - SHIPPED
Steven Downey - SHIPPED
Tom Morrison - SHIPPED
Xavier Russell - SHIPPED
Justin Collins - SHIPPED
Jan-Erik Sundh - SHIPPED
Shaun Stephenson - SHIPPED
Rikard Ljungkvist - SHIPPED
Christopher Dota - SHIPPED
Reinaldo Celeguini - SHIPPED
Peter van Tol - SHIPPED
 74. Christopher Baker - SHIPPED
 75. Jim Johnson - SHIPPED
Martin Wegscheider - SHIPPED
Rick Reynolds  - SHIPPED
JAB Machinery - SHIPPED
Michael Palmisano - SHIPPED
Larry Anderson - SHIPPED
Christophe Pultz - SHIPPED
Todd Kadish - SHIPPED
Doug Palmer- SHIPPED
Doug Palmer - SHIPPED
 85. Bill Loguidice - SHIPPED
Walter Much - SHIPPED
Scott Manns - SHIPPED
 88. J
ean-Claude Lageiste - SHIPPED
Sean Jackson - SHIPPED
VectrexRoli - SHIPPED
 91. Brian Clements - SHIPPED
Stephen Mercer - SHIPPED
Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
 94. Tony
Cruise - SHIPPED
Jose Garcia - SHIPPED
Chad Davis - SHIPPED
 97. Nicolas Campion - SHIPPED
Eric Surrarrer - SHIPPED
 99.  Reinhard Traunmueller - SHIPPED
 100. Manopac - SHIPPED

Here's what people are saying about Wildlife! ...

"In my opinion, WILDLIFE! is your best game [Rafael]. The game looks very, very professional. Makes a lot of fun to play. Thank you very much for this great game. This is a "must have" in a collection."       -Thomas Becker

"I finally had time to play WILDLIFE! and it's awesome! It belongs to the category of jump 'n run (and dive) games which were always my favorite. It reminds me of the gambling halls in the 1980s where I spent many hours and most of my pocket money for such games."      -partyicebear on 

"I got WILDLIFE! from you, it was my first homebrew for any system. I have to say, I like it a lot. Maybe if you were programming back then, [ in the 1980s ] this system might have had more longevity." -Andrew Lesko

Wildlife! for the Odyssey2/Videopac POSTER!

11 inch x 17 inch posters is NOW AVAILABLE

Order yours today!

(WILDLIFE! videogame cartridge not included)

The glossy-finish poster features the artwork from the box cover and manual.
It measures 17 inches long and 11 inches wide.
Artwork created and designed by Rafael Cardoso & Alessandro Marcelo Verdério  (Brazil)
The poster will ship via US MAIL , rolled up securely in a cardboard mailing tube.


If you live in the USA:
Price: $5 (and $3.50 shipping)
click Buy Now to purchase a WILDLIFE! poster

If you live anywhere else in the world:
Price: $5 (and $9 shipping)
click Buy Now to purchase a WILDLIFE! poster

PAYPAL payment accepted and preferred.
Check or money order is also accepted if you do not have Paypal.
Please send an email for more details.

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