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2600 Connection ATARI VCS print newsletters 1995-1996

Here is a set of 13 issues of the print newsletter 2600 CONNECTION which I was the editor and publisher for during the years of 1995 - 1996. Great, timeless information!  If you are an Atari 2600 fanatic, you will enjoy reading these issues!

Here are the list of articles:

Issue #26 (Jan / Feb 1995) 
Tetris Arrives for the Atari 2600 VCS, Tips and Tricks for Oscar's Trash Race (by Atari), the solution to Secret Quest (by Atari), Jerry G's Jewels (a report of new finds), a review of Coke Wins (rare Atari promotional cartridge for Coca-Cola), Cartridge list: Ultravision, News and Notes, Letters, more. 

Issue #27 (Mar / Apr 1995) 
Keep Track of your Collection with 2600 Organizer, Tips and Tricks, 6 reviews of Atari prototypes: Holey Moley, Mindlink / Bionic Breakthrough, Bugs Bunny, Peekaboo, Monstercize, and Donald Duck's Speedboat Race, Cartridge List: Sunrise, Wizard Video, and American Videogames, The 10 Most Influential Games, The Atari 2600 in France, Arcade Artist 

Issue #28 (May / Jun 1995) 
Activision's Action Pack for Windows (IBM PC) review, The Search for the 7800 Joypad, Cartridge list: Answer Software and Bomb, Past the 300 Cartridge Mark: A 2600 Obsession Continues, Omega Race (by CBS) playing strategies, Arcade Artist, letters. 

Issue #29 (Jul / Aug 1995) 
Collecting Videogame Boxes for the 2600, An Interview with Ed Federmeyer (creator of Edtris 2600), Have We Found them All? (easter eggs), Coin-Op Corner: The 2600 Arcade, Word Find Contest, Cartridge list: Panda & Sancho, letters. 

Issue #30 (Sep / Oct 1995) 
The Future of the Newsletter, Bushnell's Back, Cartridge List: Telegames, BIT 60 Hardware review, Tales of the 2600, The Games of Mario or Donkey Kong & its Spinoffs, Word find solution, 1995 Mail Order Directory Arcade Artist, News and Notes, letters 

Issue #31 (Nov / Dec 1995) 
Activision releases more Action Packs (review of Volume 2), Tales of the 2600 - The Mother Lode, Remembering the Gameline, Cartridge List: Venturevision, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for Windows 95 review, Prototype of Pengo discovered, letters 

Issue #32 (Jan / Feb 1996) 
Classic Videogame Guides and Books for the New year, Rare Games Spotted!?! (Turbo, Alligator People, and Tempest), Activision Mines 2600 Library for Gold (reviews of Atari 2600 Action Pack for the Apple Macintosh, Action Pack 3 for Windows 95, and Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for the Atari Jaguar), More thoughts on Copyrights, Atari 2600 Instruction Manual Archive (Tax Avoiders), Investigating the Dates on Cartridge ROMs, Absolute Entertainment goes out of business, letters & more. 

Issue #33 (Mar / Apr 1996) 
Good Luck Charlie Brown prototype discovered, Tales of the 2600, TV Boy: a 2600 VCS in the Palm of Your Hand, Multi-carts: Where to get them and what they are, Some History on Beamrider (by Activision), Superman Playing Strategies, letters 

Issue #34 (May / Jun 1996) 
More Programmers Found; Rare Prototype Games Emerge, Atari Image Contest, Coin-Op Corner: Karate Arcade Converions, Two "Non-Arcade" Karate Videogames Reviews -- Karate (by Froggo) and Chuck Norris Kung Fu Superkicks (by Xonox), Going Once -- a tale about Auctions, Letters 

Issue #35 (Jul / Aug 1996) 
Save Mary Saved (review of rare Atari game), Atari Image Contest Winners, Alligator People (review), The Atari 2600 Summer Olympics (comparisons of Decathlon, Summer Games, and Track & Field, Alternate Power Sources for your 2600, Atari Joystick Controller Facts, Letters 

Issue #36 (Special Issue - Summer 1996 - the "Frogger" issue) 
An Interview with Ed English: programmer of Frogger, Froggin': cartridge reviews of Frogger, Starpath Supercharger Frogger, Frogs & Flies, Frog Pond, and Frogger II Threedeeep, Tales of the 2600: A Frogger Christmas, Which came first -- the chicken or the frog? (an editorial), Letters 

Issue #37 (Sep / Oct 1996) 
Ewok Adventure Prototype Found!, The Positives of Computing on the Internet, Tales of the 2600: a true tale about how the editor had to work for and earn Zaxxon (by Coleco), Atari Cart Commander review, Questions & Answers, Mervil Carmickle's favorite top 10 games for the 2600, Letters 

Issue #38 (Nov / Dec 1996 - Starpath CD released!) 
Starpath Supercharger Multi-session CD released, An Exclusive Interview with the CyberPuNKS, Supercharger CD Contains Four New Games, The One That Got Away (Wizard), Supercharger CD Contains Arcadia / Starpath Archives, What is Vectrex Stuff Doing on this CD?, Supercharger CD is a Development System, CyberPuNKS review the Starpath Supercharger Games. 

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