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2600 Connection ATARI VCS print newsletters 1993-1994

Here is a set of 12 issues of the print newsletter 2600 CONNECTION which I was the editor and publisher for during the years of 1993 - 1994. Great, timeless information!  If you are an Atari 2600 fanatic, you will enjoy reading these issues!

Here are the list of articles:

Issue #14 (Jan / Feb 1993) 
A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Cartridges, A Look to the Past: the 7800, A Guided Tour of the Starpath Supercharger games, Tales of the 2600, Tips and Tricks, An interview with Stephen Landrum (Starpath game designer), Data Age cartridge list, letters, classifieds, etc. 

Issue #15 (Mar / Apr 1993) 
Collectors' Guide will boost interest, Other 2600 Newsletters, Atari and the Law: Multiple Lawsuits, Frying the 2600, Gravitar game review, Nolan Bushnell: A Man and his Empire, Tales of the 2600, Telesys cartridge list, letters, etc. 

Issue #16 (May / Jun 1993) 
Price Guide now available, Even More Newsletters, A Guide to Baseball Games for the Atari 2600, Tips and Tricks, Tales of the 2600, Spectravision cartridge list, letters, etc. 

Issue #17 (Jul / Aug 1993) 
Desert Island Contest Winners, Frying the 2600, Letters, Sega / Bally Midway cartridge list, E.T. playing strategies and review, Become a 2600 Survivor, A Collector's Guide to Atari's Cartridge Labels 

Issue #18 (Sep / Oct 1993) 
A Few Thoughts on Collecting Videogames, 30 Minutes of Videogame Commercials, Tips and Tricks, Skateboardin' (by Absolute) solution, Nolan Bushnell: A Man and his Empire: Part 2, 1993 Mail Order Directory, Tales of the 2600, Tigervision cartridge list 

Issue #19 (Nov / Dec 1993) 
What's Going to Happen to the 2600?, A Conversation with Rob Fulop (designer of Demon Attack), Digital Press' Video Review Volume 1 review, Cubicolor review, Road Runner playing strategies, Tips and Tricks, Froggo cartridge list, Tales of the 2600 

Issue #20 (Jan / Feb 1994) 
Steps in the Right Direction?, Shooting Arcade (rare Atari prototype) review, Kangaroo playing strategies, The Atari 2600 Winter Olympics, Confessions of a Videogame Pirate, Video Catalog review, A Collector's Guide to Atari's Catalogs, Tales of the 2600, Cartridge list: Epyx, Milton Bradley, Konami, & Mythicon 

Issue #21 (Mar / Apr 1994) 
Computers, Communications, & Conventions, Frying the 2600, Montezuma's Revenge solution and tips, Programming the 2600: Part 3, The Ins and Outs of Buying Used Merchandise, How I Never Wrote a Game, Cartridge list: Xonox 

Issue #22 (May / Jun 1994) 
New Ideas for a Growing Hobby, Tips and Tricks, Frying the 2600, My Wish List, Crazy Climber Tips and Tricks, Atari 2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge review, Tales of the 2600, Pac-Man Fever album review, Cartridge list: Avalon Hill, A Sampling of Usenet messages on the Internet 

Issue #23 (Jul / Aug 1994) 
Organizing your Cartridge Collection, Tips and Tricks, Cartridge list: Commavid, The Lost Games of the Atari 2600, Chuck Norris Superkicks playing strategies, Pitfall on my IBM PC?, Collecting Atari Cartridges: An Update, An Incredible Test of Strength (John Earney puts a Combat cartridge to a number of tests to see just how durable ROMs are), News and Notes, Letters 

Issue #24 (Sep / Oct 1994) 
New Horizons for the Hobby, C.A.I.N. Atari Show is a Success, Cartridge List: Amiga, A Guide to Football Game Cartridges for the Atari 2600, Pink Panther review, Tales of the 2600: One Man's Treasure, The 1994 Mail Order Directory, News & Notes, letters, and more. 

Issue #25 (Nov / Dec 1994) 
The VCS and Abroad (the life of the 2600 from 1982-1994 in Germany and Great Britain), How to Use an Automatic Switchbox with your 2600, Tips and Tricks (how to play PAL games in the USA), SoundX review (demonstration cartridge programmed by Ed Federmeyer), The Atari 2600 Gift Guide, Tales of the 2600 (The trials of a search for Q*bert's Qubes), Blueprint solution & plating strategies, Cartridge List: Part 24: ZiMAG, News and Notes, Letters, more 

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