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2600 Connection ATARI VCS print newsletters 1990-1992

Here is a set of the first 13 issues of the print newsletter which I was the editor and publisher for during the years of 1990 - 1992. Great, timeless information!  If you are an Atari 2600 fanatic, you will enjoy reading these issues!

Here are the list of articles:

Issue #1 (Summer 1990) Premiere issue! 
The Future and the 2600, 2600 Cartridge List Introduction, 2600 Trickery (tips for E.T., Dolphin, and Mountain King), Letter from the Editor, Classified ads. 

Issue #2 (Fall 1990) 
Hidden Delights, Skateboardin' game review, Letters from readers, Super Football playing strategies, Places to buy games-Mail order guide, Atari cartridge list, classifieds. 

Issue #3 (Winter 1990 / 1991) 
2600 Hardware Parade, Adventure's Secret Message, News and Notes, Letters from readers, Computer / Electronics Source profile, Activision cartridge list, classifieds. 

Issue #4 (Spring 1991) 
Four New Games from Atari, Swordquest: Earthworld solution, letters from readers, Pleasant Valley Video profile, Absolute Entertainment cartridge list, Berzerk playing strategies, Tales of the 2600, classifieds. 

Issue #5 (Summer 1991) 
Interview with Alex DeMeo of Absolute Entertainment, Swordquest: Fireworld solution, letters from readers, News and Notes, Four new Atari game reviews: Motorodeo, Xenophobe, Sentinel, and Ikari Warriors, Frying the 2600, Imagic cartridge list, Survey, classifieds. 

Issue #6 (Sep / Oct 1991) 
Interview with Steve Cartwright (designer of Megamania), Swordquest: Waterworld solution, Survey results, letters from readers, Cheating the 2600, News and Notes, Defender playing strategies, review of My Golf (a game from Australia), 2nd Annual Mail Order Guide, Coleco cartridge list, classifieds. 

Issue #7 (Nov / Dec 1991) 
A Portable 2600, National promotion, More Atari 2600 Support, letters from readers, More Hidden Delights, Raiders of the Lost Ark solution / playing strategies, Parker Brothers cartridge list, classifieds. 

Issue #8 (Jan / Feb 1992) 
Rare and Collectible Games, Programming the 2600, Best Electronics profile, Solaris solution and playing strategies, Sears cartridge list, How to make a Left-handed joystick, Four Games from England, letters from readers, News & Notes. 

Issue #9 (Mar / Apr 1992) 
A Canadian Perspective, Pitfall solution and tips, Four-player games, Atari Discontinues the 2600 and 7800, Getting those High Scores and Awards, Cartridge List gaps filled, M Network cartridge list, letters from readers, News & Notes. 

Issue #10 (May / Jun 1992) 
Rare and Collectible Games Part 2, Tips and Tricks, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns solution and tips, Crazy Climber game review, Cartridge Hall of Fame, Tales of the 2600, CBS cartridge list, More High Scores, Cartridge List gaps incorrect, Letters from readers, News & Notes. 

Issue #11 (Jul / Aug 1992) 
Rare and Collectible Games Part 3, Crossbow solution and tips, Games based on Movies, Interview with Warren Robinett (designer of Adventure), Tales of the 2600, 20th Century Fox cartridge list, more Frying the 2600 tips, letters, etc. 

Issue #12 (Sep / Oct 1992) 
A Look at the Past: the 2600, PVV Resurfaces, Survey 1992, 3rd Annual Mail Order Guide, A Conversation with David Crane (designer of Pitfall), Tips and Tricks for Combat, Programming the 2600: Part 2, Apollo cartridge list, letters, classifieds, etc. 

Issue #13 (Nov / Dec 1992) 
Why I am an Atarian, PVV Disappears, A Look to the Past: the 5200, Atari 2600 Fact File, Tales of the 2600, How to Build your own Paddle Controllers, Cures for "Wobbly" Paddles, More New games from England, Survey results, Tips and Tricks, Quadrun game review, Vidtec and U.S. Games cartridge list, letters, etc.

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